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Medical Ethics Hospital Simulation

Teaching hands on, real life medical ethics utilizating a major medical centers simualtion center, we bring students into the hospital, where they have the opportunity to learn how to participate in various cutting edge and routine medical procedures, as they encounter potential ethical issues in them and then study and discuss relevant Torah.

By: Jason Weiner from Shalhevet; YULA boys; YULA girls

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12, High school

Subject(s) of entry: Gemara, Halacha, Philosophy/ Values/ Ethics/ Hashkafa, Physical Education/Health, Science, Technology

Pedagogy: Blended Learning, Design-Thinking Model, Experiential Education, IBL - inquiry based learning, PBL - project based learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Wholebrain Teaching, UBD - understanding by design, 21st Century Skills

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Jewish Literature and Jewish Identity

The class explores the complex development of Jewish identity through the analysis of novels, short stories, poems and graphic novels written by European, American and Israeli authors. It also brings Torah, Talmud and religion into these conversations to help students reflect on and shape their own Jewish identities.

By: Na'amit Sturm Nagel from Shalhevet High School

Grade(s): 11, 12, High school

Subject(s) of entry: English/ Writing/ Language Arts, Gemara, Philosophy/ Values/ Ethics/ Hashkafa, Social and Emotional Learning, Tanach, literature

Pedagogy: Blended Learning, Hevruta Learning, PBL - project based learning, Socratic Method, Soulful Education

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