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Authentic Service Learning through the Mitzvah Program at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

The mitzvah program at the Martin J.Gottlieb Day School was first introduced as an integral part of the middle school curriculum 22 years ago. The concept was based on the idea that after students studied Tanach, Jewish laws and customs, they were more likely to understand and accept the mitzvot if given the opportunity to put them into practice. It was also believed that students who became part of their community at large with service projects would grow to understand both their responsibility to the community and their ability to make a difference even at the young age of 11.

By: Mrs. Edith Horovitz from Martin J Gottlieb Day School

Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Elementary school, Middle school, High school

Subject(s) of entry: Gemara, Halacha, Mishnah, Tanach, Jewish Customs and traditions, Dinim U'Minhagim

Pedagogy: Constructivist, PBL - project based learning, 21st Century Skills

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First Comes Wonder

What does Real World Learning mean in the elementary classroom? Making science, social studies, current events and the children's natural interests the launching point that ties together the reading, writing and math.

By: Mrs. Debra Tolchin from Yeshivat Noam

Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, Elementary school

Subject(s) of entry: Literature, Math, Science, Limudei Kodesh - Ben Adam Lechavero

Pedagogy: UBD - understanding by design

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Technology Awareness Workshop

This mandatory workshop for the eighth graders is done with small groups of 11-14 girls during lunch semi-weekly. The goal is to educate and discuss the impact that the internet and new technology has on our lives in order to empower the girls to be able to make better, more responsible choices presently and in the future.

By: Mrs. Maya Kuritsky from Torah Academy for Girls

Grade(s): 7, 8, Middle school

Subject(s) of entry: Values and Life Integration

Pedagogy: IBL - inquiry based learning, 21st Century Skills

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