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Coding helps Tanach come to life

Teachers at the Maimonides School integrated students’ knowledge of computer coding with their Judaic Studies content to help students connect with Jewish practice and texts. Students in 2nd-4th grade used Scratchjr, KIBO robots, and the engineering design process to demonstrate their learning in Judaic Studies.

By: Dani Carrus from Maimonides School

Grade(s): 1, Elementary school

Subject(s) of entry: Computer Science

Pedagogy: Blended Learning

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Today art rooms have become hubs that dynamically enrich students’ lives in multiple ways. The art room at MJGDS uses traditional materials in addition to modern technologies and the infusion of Judaism, Math, Science, Engineering, Language Arts, and Social Studies make it a high tech space for student creativity and innovation.

By: Shana Gutterman from Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Grade(s): K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Elementary school, Middle school

Subject(s) of entry: Art, Computer Science, Engineering, English/ Writing/ Language Arts, Foreign Language, History, Math, Science, Social and Emotional Learning, Social Studies, Tanach, Technology, literature

Pedagogy: Blended Learning, Design-Thinking Model, Gamification, PBL - project based learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Wholebrain Teaching, 21st Century Skills

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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on HeLa Cells

My 12th grade AP Language and Composition students read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a non-fiction text which explores the intersection of race, American history, and medical ethics through the lens of the discovery of an immortal cell line tied to an African-American woman named Henrietta Lacks. My students’ final project was to examine these intersections through a project that blended independent research with multi-media content. Of particular interest to this category is the student project that tackled the ethical questions raised in the text through the lens of Judaic studies; students who completed this project consulted primary sources as well as experts in Jewish medical ethics to create a presentation they later delivered to the entire student body.

By: Mrs. Vanessa Mehenti from Meira Academy

Grade(s): 11, 12, High school

Subject(s) of entry: Halacha, Literature, Science

Pedagogy: Constructivist, IBL - inquiry based learning, PBL - project based learning, 21st Century Skills

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