Things that Go Bump in the Night

By: Cheryl Myrbo, Rabbi Pamela Gottfried, Moshe Sokol
from The Weber School

Interdisciplinary Integration

Subject(s) of entry:
Art, Gemara, Halacha, History, Philosophy/ Values/ Ethics/ Hashkafa, Tanach

Constructivist, Experiential Education, PBL - project based learning, Social and Emotional Learning

Grade(s) to which this was taught:
9, 10, 11, 12, High school

Grade(s) for which this will be useful:
10, 11, 12, High school

Students contrast Mystical Judaism with Rational Judaism. Topics include: Sorcery, Witches, Amulets, Evil Eye, Chamsa, Lilith, Star of David, Mezuzah, Golem, Demon, Incubus, and Dybbuk. Students integrate Jewish Studies with Art, by creating art projects that are message-driven by the associated Jewish Studies topics.

Entry Narrative

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Entrant Bio(s)

Moshe Sokol is a Jewish Studies teacher at the Weber School.

Cheryl Myrbo is a 3D Artist-in-Residence at the Weber School. Myrbo has worked with English, History, Math and Art teachers in curriculum integration projects in middle schools and high schools throughout Atlanta since 2001, representing the School Arts Program (Fulton County Arts Council), APAL (Atlanta Partnership for the Arts in Learning) and the High Museum.

Rabbi Pamela Jay Gottfried is the Dean of Jewish Studies at The Weber School. She is a CLAL Rabbis Without Border fellow (2011-2012 cohort) and LEAP Fellow (2018-19), and a certified speaker of the Interfaith Speakers Network of Atlanta. Gottfried, a ceramicist, has taught integrated Jewish Studies and Art at The Weber School, Camp Ramah Darom and The Brill Institute at the Marcus JCCA since 2004 and has been a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art since 2014.