Moot Beit Din

By: Rabbi Ben Shlimovitz
from Gross Schechter Day School

Development of Critical and / or Creative Thinking

Subject(s) of entry:
Gemara, Halacha, Mishnah, Science, social studies

IBL - inquiry based learning, PBL - project based learning, UBD - understanding by design

Grade(s) to which this was taught:
8, Middle school

Grade(s) for which this will be useful:
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Middle school, High school

As a summative capstone to my student’s learning of the Jewish applied science of Torah, I decided to create a Moot Beit Din project in the eighth grade, in which student would learn about current controversial issues and make a judgement based on sources. They would research halachah, science and other relevant information, then debate their topic and the other students would form the court, passing judgement and justifying their decision based on the information presented.

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