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    How to craft your Entry Comprehensive Narrative
    Please cut and paste a link to each entry component into the body of this narrative, and describe each one. Some links you might like to include:
    • Youtube videos
    • Google docs - set Sharing settings on Google Docs to "Anyone with the link can access."
    • Photos - Go to https://ctrlq.org/images/. Click “Upload Picture”. It will generate a “Direct Link (URL)” and an “Image Embed Code.” Ignore the Image Embed Code. Copy the Direct Link (URL) and paste it in your narrative
    • Any other internet resources
    For a good example of a Comprehensive Narrative, see this entry.
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    Remember: other media, such as images & videos, should be embedded directly in the Entry Narrative following the instructions in that section.

    Each PDF or MP3 should be clearly labeled by using its file name to define its content (for example, BreishitPerek1Pasuk1Worksheet, or ClassSyllabus). Please include numbers in all file names (for example: 1students_at_work, 2students_final_projects). These attachments must be referred to in your Comprehensive Entry Narrative, and their significance to your entry should be explained there.

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